Tuesday, 18 March 2008


The title said it all!! ufufufufufuf The inevitable biological clock! kekekekeke.... cough....

It's the 2nd day of my final break which means 23 days to go till short term begins poking me -more like stabbing me- with "MORNING CLASS". Yes, the unavoidable doom that most student face....:huge sigh:.. Ma! if I'm lucky I might get a pleasant looking lecturer kekekeke

Speaking of which... I'm currently watching WaT and realized something. These people, I mean they are what you would called a... people who have beauty as their asset . But I think what really that made people attracted to them is basically their optimistic.. guts. They have the talent to do anything silly or mortify to some of us and actually turning it into an enjoyment. And they'd turn tv hosts' judgmental comment into an innocent amusement. So I understand a bit why some celeb could portrayed a good role model and why some fans choose them. Not just physical image but the most important is positiveness. This world is already too cynical, and i guess these people from time to time remind us of the strength to smile.

Bah! That have been said. Mum went out, saying something about having breakfast with her friend, but it's almost lunch time, I haven't taken my bath, make the bed, clean my room or even eaten yet- what a "productive" life I have (quo: my centralize sister heh) ... yup, nothing unusual about this morning. And here I was planning on finishing my oneshot, and maybe reading some biography on famous artists and working on with my creative skill... Yosh! Gambaru! Fighting that leech lazion creature off you!

for WaT fans----> bokura no ibasho manga

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