Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sneak break

The light that reflected on the ceiling above seem dimmer, even without the ticking sound of the clock, it was clear that the time has passed for quite sometime since I arrived.

With a faint sound from outside and occasional squeaking door hinge, clacking sound of those made when walking like a ogre (If I ever knew one in this life), coughing, and others different of odd sounds I dont have the enthusiasm to describe, I'd say the acoustic is all messed up, but for all those supposedly "silent zone", the only sound I let myself listen to is the rather loud music through my wesc.

I think I like being here. The fact I successfully seized two tables and chairs without people looking at me aggravatingly rather the look of understanding painted on their expression as they passed by (mostly could not careless)gave me the satisfaction immensely, yup I like being here.

2 weeks left, procrastination? Perhaps, I will go with c'est la vie. I have been told life is like an escalator, there are times when you are down and contrariwise, but the irony is it keeps on moving even if you were to stop the effort.

p/s: When I was approaching at the end of the seatings row, I noticed all the books I piled up on the the top table was reduced to more than half of its volumes, standing there bewildered and in skeptical for a moment I thought someone had move all my stuff and replaced with pathetic state of only ONE red and white strip weekend bag and a few inferior sheets of A4s, as I was about to the ask the occupant near by, I realized I was at the wrong side of the floor, hmmm.
note: ughh! the photos are out of order B[

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