Wednesday, 27 August 2008

I feel downright dejected.

I promise to myself (or was it to Shi-chan too) that I would call Shi-pyon as soon as I got back home (I even saved her num[s] in my em-nok ::..mind you, I only memorize your house phone), but as soon as I reached home I got sick. Now here I am.... my nose can literally breath in and out air without any annoyance of feeling one-sided (if this random-nish make any sense), I can speak now without that irritating sore throat stop me, and my gum didn't make any excruciating pain (mom said it was because of the constant blowing your nose)...and my vit decided to make a break for it before I can finish the whole thing off.
So I guess I'll be seeing her next week, insyaallah.---->I'm not taking bout that insensible vitamin.

This friday I'll be going back ....err to where my dad is now... but that weekend we'll be having family-gath, so I've yet to see namy (goooooommmmeeeennnn >_<), but I think I'll try visiting her on friday or before I go back home.. I need to sleeeeeeepppppppppp~ ::.yawn..:: .

Ack, nee-san just got herself pre-hook
And yeah, I'm writing in mymultipleotherself mode or more like "mood"

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Ack... one of my eyebrows fell.

I'm taking a "lunch-break".

At the moment I'm editting Pandora Hearts (now I'm somewhat intrigued by this manga, people at manga abyss keep asking for it's release haha)So I'd myself volunteered to help the Shonen sect. I'm actually part of Shoujo sect.
::..So please come visit
Manga Abyss's forum, we have lots of genres and the people there are all nice cough..cough...somewhat..hyper..cough.. tee hee XD..::

Etto... what else (my back hurts and my eyes are at the point where you can see invisible dust at the corner of your eyes =____= uhhh...)

OMG!!!! It's 7 august!!! I've only one month till this my-chance-to-be-day-nyao-time is over!!!! ahhhrrraraara~

....hiatus (going out for a while).....

came back from jusco


came back from meeting with Fairu-nii's family~


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