Thursday, 2 September 2010


I supposed I'm a little too excited, I feel like brand new all of the sudden. Well, not sudden to be honest. I finally getting two amazingly considerate Imperial girls to be my housemates, and hopefully a place we all decidedly satisfy with. I already saw one, and I'm praying Fara would feel the same way as I am about the location and condition. I know its a couple station further away from the original area. But taking into the account all the pros, I dearly hope she wouldn't mind the cons of traveling.
I cant stop day dreaming though especially about Ridhwan coming to stay over the vacations *giggling like a school girl. I'm not gonna go into detail since I once read somewhere what you put on the net stays forever which leads to invitation for the psychotic stalker to do some ummmm stalking, *again giggling hehehehhee.

Anyyyway, that is not why I'm posting new entry. I promised mon cherie I write something new (of course about him) and promised to myself since a couple of weeks ago but haven't got around to it, so here. Afterall, I can't sleep after 2 and half hour of POC3 with Cherie, the remaining 30 mins we slept until 1am, so while waiting for him to arrive home I might as well do this before anyone nags me to.

That's one of many reasons why i adore him perfectly. Aside from opening the passenger seat's door and cherishing me when I unreasonable upset feeling a little bit weighting at the wee hour and god I tell you he was snoring but he still tried to comfort me. This is what you will have gentlemen when your women is being visited by aunt irma every once a month. It's not only that, the day I arrived malaysia we listened to some random songs on the radio and one of it was "She's the one" and we both admitted that is one of our all-time fav song. I started to be childish and complain that he never dedicated the song to me, he then defended with forgetting and unromantically "nah, amik la song ni". I would feel a tad disappointed and he would always surprise me by singing the song, I know then the song is for me. Eventhough the things he done are unconsciously, they are all the things I'm grateful with, because he is forgiving for all the selfish things I want of him.

I love you, my Ridhwan.

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