Thursday, 27 May 2010

I was once been told not to let people see you cry, cause it will attracts pity.

I don't want to be pitied...

When you have seen so many tears, you become immune to it.

Everytime you ignore me, it made me feel bad
Everytime you got upset, it made me feel bad.
Everytime you point out my mistake, it made me feel bad.
Everytime you reason, it made me feel incompetent

Now everytime I cry, you get frustrated...

I promise I wont cry infront of you ever again, I'm sorry.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Teasing Forest

Our bond is just a meeting between 2 worlds, a bridge we share but couldn't, wouldn't and never want to cross. Between us, we created a transparent wall, not to keep each other out but more to protect ourselves from each other...

But I'm facing a punishment, for letting myself be exposed at the front of your entrance, with naivety I forced myself to cross that bridge because I thought the grass is greener from the other side. Because of the difference, I didn't realize I am too square to fit among rectangular. I was a laughingstock, I guess. But I was saved... I think I was... ....... I think... I think... I still do think...

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