Thursday, 22 October 2009


" It's cold... " ,

words that echo in a simple inane mind of mine.

The sun glared with it's magnificent light. Provides it's heat
throughout the horizontal land.

The flowers and birds are dancing joyfully and innocently
in the new spring breeze of this season.

" It's still cold... "

My ordinary pairs of feet and hand affirmed the proclamation

" Empty... "

It's like being in glass... an empty enclosed glass
Let you see everything outside you but
trapping you from ever being part of it.

Is that how birds felt when they were inside
a cage? no matter how vast it is, how
exquisite it is decorated, how generously
filled it is?

At least I feel something...
Is is enough?
At least give me disappearance...

The powerless me that holds onto a faint strength.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


She makes me feel complete...
you know, not lacking.
I do know I have flaws...
but she makes me feel... me.

I'm alive... here.

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