Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Terrorism of Shi-kyuun~

1)5 things that u hated most
Scary movies
Scary Commercials
Scary Posters
Togeh (bean sprout)
Mr L***s.

2)5 words that u dislike most..
Any cursing words

3)5 things that make u cry..
Mum said "I luv you"
Nana said "I'm sorry"
Shi-chan said "Goodbye"
Sharun-pii's sincerity

4)5 things that make u laugh..
IT Crowds
Skip Beat
( )
( )

5)5 words to describe the person who give u this tag
Got me wrapped up around her fingers
<3 me unconditionally

A shooting star

It is a dangerous "circumstance" when I'm into something, I'll passionately go for it until at a certain point I'll get bored with it and leave it to wither away.

So, let the game begin

a) Would you say talking persistently on the phone is a bad habit? :D
Flat out yeah. LoL, there would always be an exception though.

b) What is the thing you constantly read?
"Schlafzimmer", Bus timetable, Tube map, cereal/milk cartons, my archi books, fire and hemlock, Ouran Hostobu----> can't think anymore of the things I read over and over again.

c) Sliding down the staircase or walk regally down the staircase?
Sliding~ mwuehehhe I'm starting to like that cumbersome spiral staircase XD

d) Where would you most be seen to wait?
Bus stops

e) What were you waiting for?
A bus to come "ON TIME"

g) Your first time meeting/asking for a job?
None, dad did the asking.

f) You first time conversing with your superior / experienced co-worker?
"I'm dooooommmm". Tend to be too honest when I am nervous

h) Voicing or Writing?
Writing. Tend to speak compelled by emotions rather then what it is in the heart.

i) Digitally-recording or Drawing?
Drawing! Nothing beats the pencil and a sketch book!

j) Alien or Conventional?
Alien, I fancy things I don't quite familiar with.

I got nothing. To Shi-pyon <3

done both of 'em

yawn~ oyasumi....

Through My Window Part 1

One Smoke Signal cumin' up!

Abish Shi-chan!

1)What is the name u like people calling u most?
The name that those who truly care for me call

2)Who is the closest opposite gender friend you got?

3)If a genie wants to grant u a wish,what will the wish be?
Your freedom.

4)What is the most weird activity u've done in ur life?
Being my void-of-common-sense self.

5)What is ur definition of love?
Yourselves and everything.

6)How do u imagine urself 10 years in the future?
Nooooooo!! I dun wanna b 30!!!!! Bloody question, it's rather rude to disregard your current youth ngeee~

7)3 words that are best to describe u r...?
I am human.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Paper Plane~

*Pew to Shi-chan

i) What is the major thing on your mind right now?

ii) Does it causes restlessness?

iii) Does it gives you inexplicably joy?

iv) Have you ever consider yourself daring?

v) Why?

vi) Between these, what would you choose at the moment? (Strength / Belief)

vii) For what?

Nah!!! Impatience little bubble gabby!


Where is the reason I put so much thought in putting you on the sole of senses? ....
Why do I complacently keep this vivid moment? Ironically, does it brings the successive of the insignificant of one existence?

Can we catch the wind? Surely not! But certainly wind could catches us, right?

Can you engulf yourself in your emotions? May we drown ourselves in our feelings?

Will you let your heart guide you? Or your current wit will? Perhaps would you put faith in the mind of your heart?

The Fate is always unexpected. It never is accidentally a coincidence.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Mornin' folks

This is the point where I should realize the conventional (and perhaps the sensible) thing to write on blog is your "today-occurrence" (oh, bugger! comp adds). I choose "occurrence" because it really does describe how most people depict their interesting life, it is not something like an "everyday" thing. What I mean is, this is the difference between "a journal" and "a diary". Well, to be honest........ I can't sleep.

I can now feel that I'd truly understand what it means to experience "jet lag". It's 4am, yup I can't sleep, not only that I feel hunger every time the clock's needle on the wall strikes 2 / 3 am which is the time I have my dinner, I don't feel at all hungry by lunch time instead I feel sleepy.

I miss cat. And Nee-tama and Fairuz-nii.

As much as I'd like to have the things I wrote here seem "interesting" by others, I don't however care that much. Instead, I write because I wish to improve my english and to write "my type of language". As in, you can define people by just looking at their ways of writing. My understanding of "improving" is that I comprehend every each words I use, because I believe every words is different in everything they are represent. Eventhough, you may say that word is the synonym of such word.

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