Thursday, 24 June 2010

I kneel before You, O-the Infinite

Dear Allah,

It's me again. Firstly as usual, I wish to convey my thanks to the luxury You have emphatically grant for my well-being so far and still remember me by giving chances to repent myself. However, I am still lost (not in my belief surely, I pray so much I would never hesitate when it comes to You, insyaallah, I love You with my entire being).

Well, I am not here to nag you ( I do them in my prayers). I am here to humbly request you to give Shi-chan Your Strength and Your Ni'mat especially at this current moments. She is chasing her dreams (which I know I need not tell you), thus please please please give her a chance once again. I do strongly believe You know what's best, I am just here to pray for her as well. She is afterall I believe a "guardian angel" (I couldn't find any other suitable word for friend+sister+champion+protector+soulmate+trustee) You have the most kindness to comply me with. I pray you will let me keep this friendship until the end.

Yours truly
Thara L.

p.s.: Forgive me for not writing these more refine as I should.

GMT-0 24June 6.23p.m.

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