Tuesday, 20 May 2008


I don't know why I even bother to start this blog stuff when I'm not even a... revealing person (if such term even exist) ::...there's a lot "even" going on..::

Anyway, just came back from morning class.. We had our mid-term exam 3 days ago(IMTIHAN!!!) nyeeeee~, the exam was 2 hours duration and I finished it within half an hour ngehehehehehehehehhehe~...

We (Nul-tan and my cousin and her friends) went to an anime convention a couple of days... it was... pathetic really... Although, it was fun (on the average scale). You can count the number of booths were there with your hand. The cosplay... I thought they were disturbing aha!... But the doujinshi booth was rather cute, I got to have a drawing of chibi-SuJu!!! (afyummmmmm... I can't wait for they to announce the date of their Asia Tour!)

And then, yesterday we (Nul-rurin and my parent) went to pc convention (WICT)--if I'm not mistaken the title... Anyway, my main scheme was to go to kino kekekeke, I bought the Shinkuro vol 10 the original version

It's in jap, so I bought this bacause I want to learn how to read kataana and hiiragana...

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