Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Kimi ga Hohoemu Nara (If You Smile)

The foreign lullabye you sing to yourself...
I thought I could hear
its sweet, heartbreaking melody.
Ah... Is it alright to rest?
No matter how much time passes,
the flame that burned the sky
continues endlessly.
Ah... Fighting against

A anguished prayer on behalf of all people
And then a worn-out, sad person

If you smile,
I can take any kind of pain;
even if this body perishes.
If you smile,
I'm sure my spirit will be resurrected,
because I was born
to protect your dreams.

I want to become much stronger.
I've wished for that.
I won't be driven off by weakness.
I won't be defeated by anyone.
Ah... I was revering myself
But when I met you,
for the first time, I realized
that no matter where you take my trust,
you take my love.
Ah... That's true strength.

You console and heal my frozen heart.
You're a gentle person, resembling the soft sunlight.

If you smile
I'd do anything for that.
Even if I live the kind of life that's only pain
If you smile
I'd overcome a thousand nights.
I promise that, until your dreams are realized,
I will not be defeated.

The foreign lullabye you sing to yourself...
After having waited for so long,
the morning sun rises.
Is it alright to rest now?

Tomite and Hikitsu's Character Vocal
Performed by Hiyama Nobuyuki and Iwanaga Tetsuya

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