Friday, 6 February 2009

Hen na hito

I'm gonna write this (since I have been telling this to almost everyone, hoping to get some kind of advice but turned out to be like a storytelling, apparently funny at that ::..mostly they'd laughed at me..:: (=____=iii))

We are in the same prog, so I see him come and go sporadically. And I concluded that I Dont Want (Hope I Wont) In Any Way To Get Associate With That Kind Of Person. Dont get me wrong, it's not that he did anything bad or anything, rather the opposite. He (according to my impression) is kind of reaaalllyyy into our prog but in an high-class and elite kind of way. It's not that a bad thing, but that kind of type doesn't particularly appeal to me. Mostly because, based on my experiences, those people eventhough they are sometime nice (there were some that are completely nice and great, but that's not the point), are somewhat high-minded. It could be good or bad, whichever way I don't want to be friendly-nicey-perky with.

So anyway, on the last day before breaks, our group were combined for the last project critz. I was soo nervous (as usual). As I waited for my turn, I went around to see others works, (and I started to feel a bit daunted). I saw a particular design from the other group, I was a bit awestruck (but more to admiring). This work just show how much the artist enjoyed designing it (which I'm a bit envious). And it turned out, it's that dude's work. Geh! (I'm not exaggerating, I was really "what?!" ::.a tiny displeasure shock..:::)....... I'm dooomed. (if you knew me real well, I tend to be a bit competetive toward the people that less appeal to me, heh)

(note: less appeal means those i streomindedly think which arbitrarily I feel a bit decline)

When it was my turn to present (the last one from my group), I was literally praying he didnt sit by and listen (well I didn't see him, so thank god). It went smoothly, in fact the Tutors were really quite impressed by my idea (they gave a lot of terms and title to go with it). The only thing they were disappointed was not be able to see the measured drawing (I didnt actually completed yet the work, but during presentation never ever points out your flaws!) After I became less nervous, I heard (and saw!) him asking what was my concept again (his lec: Obsession within an obsession). (He was there the entire time, and sitting next to the tutors) Aww, mann!! (>///<)
I didnt stick around to wait and listen for his turn, went back quickly with the glad-that-was-over feeling.

Before I knew it new term started, and by strange chance for the group project of Sustainable Construction we end up in the same group. The session, where each group have to gather (atleast meet to know who's who) at a different part of the seating (It's in the lecture hall, where you have the long-stretched chair in stair-like sequence). My group was to meet at the 3rd/4th/5th row of the seating area (anyway, I was at one of the top rows so I can see clearly). "e.he.he.he yeah, he's there."
I'm reluctant (the only seat available was at his left), and what was worst I didn't see any female yet in my group. I rather skip the session, well after my fren saw there was a girl in her group she coaxed (more like command, like how an older sister/mother command) me to go to my group. So I drag myself towards them.

Rambut tebal: are you in the group?

me : yeah n_n (frenly smile------>turned on my charming mode)

...still waiting for more people to come... ('-') (^-^)( _ )( _ )( _ )

Rambut tebal : so how was comic project comin along?

(woah, that surprised me I didnt expected him to know me, let alone remembers my work)

I answered something like it's gud bla bla, and he start asking questions bout lec and results on visual studies etc (out of courtesy, I asked bout him)

Amidst the talking and get to know each member, oiy of nowhere they elected me as the group leader

"Huh?! You can't be serious??..Is it because I am the only girl??"

They chuckled and gave random reasons.
I shook my head adamantly.

Rambut tebal : Dun worry, I'll help too...

(I dun remember when, but he kept on touching my shoulder, like how my lec does)

"wut the heck? womanizer~"LOL

Ufufufufuf, from there we became frenly (for quite a time I called him that in my head, cause he like to touch and when talking to him he would be soooo close)

He likes to ask how my works are goin and he is enthuasism in architecture, purely optimistic in life, he goes by his own way, think the weather in malaysia is similar to india, he genuinely interested in my ideas, his creativity is passionately-driven, possess amiable quality. ^^

I dont know when, but I like tuesday.


mashi_amie said...

oooo ok....u really do can write a pretty good novel u know..It's funny,dramatic n really reminded me of u..i can imagine u telling me all of this stuff urself..nway good luck with the bushy guy..hehe..i kind off like him in ur version of story..he seems sweet..sorry i was busy with my project lately..but i really do miss u..i'll try to contact u asap u..

Fazlina said...

Aya.. welcome to the world. hehehe.. piece of advise from my experience.. those people tht u don't really want to see or spend time with will be the one that stuck with you..hehehe, not all but some of them. U'll tend to find your similarity/things tht connect u guys to be friends.

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