Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Pray Letter

Dear God the Most Merciful and the Most Forgiving,

I am thankful for all the things that have happened to me and that has been given to me thus far. I embrace everything that has been transpired to me by you and accept every choices that you bestow upon me.

I kneel before you today hoping that you would grant your humble servant a few of her (that I believe badly need of) wishes.

Please give my newfound friend happiness in the new world. I dearly hope all his arrangements went smoothly. Please give him the internet as soon as possible as I got so much to tell him and anxiously curious to know all of his journey so far, please make hast so that I won't forget later on.

He has been such an altruistic friend when I was in a pathetic manner. By the same token, he equitably helped me understand myself better. I recognize these are all from you and all that you have planned is for me to be awed of your many mysterious (and unconventional) ways, for that reason I am grateful to you for your coincidences.

Once again, this humble servant begs your forgiveness in her past, present and future mistakes and your strength to guide her in her entire being.

Please accept my humble request and I thank you for all your attention.
Thara' L. 24 August


mashi_amie said...

Ana dh jeles..mane post untuk ana??xaci!!!!!still a post is a post..wpn ana agak kecik ati that i'm not ur source of inspiration..hehe..keep on going!!

Aya (restricted to blood-related only =P n close friends) said...

hweee! You are always my source of inspiration (tgk previous posts!)....................................... hehehe tp mmg i ana wat ant jeles...a bit.

aitai...sugoku aitai~

mashi_amie said...

ceh balas dendam nampak..
siapla anti nnti..
ana nk jumpe anti..huhu..tgkla i'll try to meet u asap..
atashi mo aitai..

mashi_amie said...

u've been tagged..muahahahahaha

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