Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Just finish washing my hair~~ hehehe. Thank God I didnt bump into those friends of mine who are cultivating the room of 136,137,139,140. They will act surprise and tease me about showering for the 2nd time of the day..hmmph!

Anyway, today I feel like it has been strectched longer than usual. I was sure that on btq class my group wont be presenting the last topic yet. It was kimi's group who presented the second last topic for today class. So I told t-qah, if there were a possiblity that our group would atleast present the first sub-topic, I'll buy some time by asking a lot of questions and make an expression "I'm too slow to understand and need further examples" during the q&a session. I didnt expect that most of us are seizing the answers to everyone questions. It was funny! when kimi n his members gave the look "ask one more and you're dead!" and everyone ignored the look and kept on asking questions (it was amusing). Eventually my first prediction was right, our group were never in danger of presenting to begin with heh.

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