Friday, 15 February 2008

My old stuff

I will give You my first love~

Rumagging through Azu-chan deviantart made me reminisced on how I was once really in love with drawing and creating my own kingdom... (and I still am in love with drawings, but the joys I was feeling is diminishing)... well it's not really diminishing,rather it's disappearing... I still remember vividly how an -call it whatever you like- inspiration hit me...
I'm not sure how to put it... it feels like you're in an ethereal forest, the smells of fresh morning trees, the voices of the forest maze,
or looking up at the bluest bright sky when standing on a freelance pirate's ship, going on a voyage in 17's or 19's century, the sound of seagulls and the song of the seawaves...vague but certain... The feeling of searching but without a track...

I've lived in fantasies, it gave me a sense of living and.... longing. It satisfied me but at the same time made me want more. It's like when I'm being greedy when reading a certain book or gazing at an art, trying to remember all the lines, textures, colours, emotions... They telling me their story...How I wish to go back to those time.

Here, I speak my oath, someday when I finally blessed with the return of my solitary, I'll tell my story through arts.

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