Thursday, 21 May 2009

My Nee-chama's cat, Cat.

Yup, a notty, smelly, luvs-poopy, black as the-luggages-under-the-bed! (you wont see him if he doesn't open his eyes, that's how black he is)

Believe it or not, this cat travelled all the way from sterling, scotland to epsom, london (Oh, we did make a pit stop cause he throw up after 1/3 of the journey)

Fairuz-nii pampers and spoils him thoroughly and Nee-tama is the jelly-food-giver (yeah, he only eats the jelly part and refuse to take dry food)


He sniffs everything if you bring his face upon any sort of objects. (like a hamsta!)

If he's not under the bed, he's beneath the clean-laundries (which nee-tama throws a fit everytime she has just washed the clothes)

He recently acquired a charming skill: he'd always welcome us home (tadaima! -I'm home -, "his bell jingling" towards the door).

Did I mention he is stubborn as a smurf!
He wont move from his spot no matter how you nag him to (haish! boy, he sure knows how to be adorable)

Yeah! I'm a purr-tty model~
One of these day, this Cat should be taught his own place!



Faze Badri said...

Black Cat.. name of the song sang by Janet Jackson. I dedicated specially for him..hehehe..

Hanafedora said...

smurf aren't stubborn.... They're just blue

Aya (restricted to blood-related only =P n close friends) said...

hahahahahha Nice one auntie!

Me like it nyahahahah blue = stubborn! mwuehehehhe

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