Monday, 25 May 2009

Sunday Ease

It's Monday, but it feels like sunday as I can see Nee-tama and Fairuz-nii in their informal attire.
(Is that even a valid justification?)

It's feels like sunday cause of the sense of laziness seep through the body (and possibly mind as well, I don't know)

The twerp and Fairuz-nii are at the living room playing x-box since morning (I teased them and alas was back-fired urghhmmmm)

Me: Lame nyerh kowang maen

Fairuz-nii: Takde la, baru jerh (=_______________=)

(note: his significant of time)

Nee-tama is doin random stuff aka homeworks (yeah, those are random fandomish stuff).

Me : Akak layan aya

Nee-tama : Mende? Hish!

(note: Her..... phd)

And I, in the room with mum facebookin' and laughin' like two skool-girls playing prank calls.

Mama: kekekek type somethin' that could irritates akak hana

Me: No way, nant dye jerit kt aya

Mama : then how about this...

Me: Lagi la nant dye taknak masak ntuk aya daa! Nooo!

In the end,
Fairuz-nii's fb has been victimized.

Cat did nothing.

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