Friday, 12 June 2009

Mornin' folks

This is the point where I should realize the conventional (and perhaps the sensible) thing to write on blog is your "today-occurrence" (oh, bugger! comp adds). I choose "occurrence" because it really does describe how most people depict their interesting life, it is not something like an "everyday" thing. What I mean is, this is the difference between "a journal" and "a diary". Well, to be honest........ I can't sleep.

I can now feel that I'd truly understand what it means to experience "jet lag". It's 4am, yup I can't sleep, not only that I feel hunger every time the clock's needle on the wall strikes 2 / 3 am which is the time I have my dinner, I don't feel at all hungry by lunch time instead I feel sleepy.

I miss cat. And Nee-tama and Fairuz-nii.

As much as I'd like to have the things I wrote here seem "interesting" by others, I don't however care that much. Instead, I write because I wish to improve my english and to write "my type of language". As in, you can define people by just looking at their ways of writing. My understanding of "improving" is that I comprehend every each words I use, because I believe every words is different in everything they are represent. Eventhough, you may say that word is the synonym of such word.


idham said...

even me cant sleep

Hanafedora said...

hoi saiko...amik la cat bawak balik..he keeps on sleeping on my bed..sambil buat muka innocent..

Aya (restricted to blood-related only =P n close friends) said...

takpe la, kalo free stuff dye dpt you guys skali bley la hehehehehe, N Sape Saiko???!! you, Pink gummy!

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