Tuesday, 23 June 2009

A shooting star

It is a dangerous "circumstance" when I'm into something, I'll passionately go for it until at a certain point I'll get bored with it and leave it to wither away.

So, let the game begin

a) Would you say talking persistently on the phone is a bad habit? :D
Flat out yeah. LoL, there would always be an exception though.

b) What is the thing you constantly read?
"Schlafzimmer", Bus timetable, Tube map, cereal/milk cartons, my archi books, fire and hemlock, Ouran Hostobu----> can't think anymore of the things I read over and over again.

c) Sliding down the staircase or walk regally down the staircase?
Sliding~ mwuehehhe I'm starting to like that cumbersome spiral staircase XD

d) Where would you most be seen to wait?
Bus stops

e) What were you waiting for?
A bus to come "ON TIME"

g) Your first time meeting/asking for a job?
None, dad did the asking.

f) You first time conversing with your superior / experienced co-worker?
"I'm dooooommmm". Tend to be too honest when I am nervous

h) Voicing or Writing?
Writing. Tend to speak compelled by emotions rather then what it is in the heart.

i) Digitally-recording or Drawing?
Drawing! Nothing beats the pencil and a sketch book!

j) Alien or Conventional?
Alien, I fancy things I don't quite familiar with.

I got nothing. To Shi-pyon <3

done both of 'em

yawn~ oyasumi....

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