Tuesday, 23 June 2009

One Smoke Signal cumin' up!

Abish Shi-chan!

1)What is the name u like people calling u most?
The name that those who truly care for me call

2)Who is the closest opposite gender friend you got?

3)If a genie wants to grant u a wish,what will the wish be?
Your freedom.

4)What is the most weird activity u've done in ur life?
Being my void-of-common-sense self.

5)What is ur definition of love?
Yourselves and everything.

6)How do u imagine urself 10 years in the future?
Nooooooo!! I dun wanna b 30!!!!! Bloody question, it's rather rude to disregard your current youth ngeee~

7)3 words that are best to describe u r...?
I am human.

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